less money=less education

The economy sucks!  People can’t find work!  Recently, for the first time in a number of years, the average wage in America is actually declining. People are suffering and our immediate outlook seems bleak.  However, if we are not careful, our extended outlook would be even more bleak.  Governments, both at the state and federal levels are cutting everywhere, including in the public schools. If they have their way classroom sizes will balloon to well over 30 students per room.  The arts are being cut, a well rounded education is being ground to nothing but math and english.

These politicians say that there are alternatives to public education; cyber schools, charter schools and private schools.  They say that they want the money that would have been spent on each child’s public education travel with the student; even if it is to a private institution or one that does not have the same stringent standards that public schools do. Why should we use public money for private institutions. Why should we as tax payers stand idly by as our public schools lose half their teachers to retirement as new teachers are afraid to enter into the profession, due to low pay, public ridicule, and inefficient/ineffective governmental oversight. Why should we allow these non-educators to “dumb down” our public ed.

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SB 5 is not alive!

Ohio’s law SB 5 is on its last leg.  Ohio Governor Kasich’s and his Republican legislative colleagues have heard loud and clear that their union stripping measures in SB 5 are wrong and are not going to be tolerated.  Now he and his friends want to compromise.  Before I get into this compromise idea lets first give a little background.

When SB 5 was passed over 190 days ago in Ohio there seemed to be a movement in the Midwest of the US (Wisconsin to be more specific) to strip away the rights of middle class workers rights to collectively bargain.  With this apparent ground swell of support from the ultra-conservative wing of the Republican Party (Tea Party Republicans), Governor Kasich and the Ohio legislation without negotiation with Democrats or any of the affected populations pushed through SB 5.  This bill would strip almost all rights for workers to collectively bargain, with what little rights that they have left it would reduce what they are allowed to collectively bargain for, and neuter the rights of unions to collect dues.  In short it would kill unions and their ability to represent their constituents.

The people of Ohio recognized that SB 5 was bad and used their rights to get rid of it and began to collect signatures to have a popular referendum to get rid of SB 5.  The response was overwhelming, they received more that 4 times the number of signatures that they needed to get the referendum on the ballot.  Now Governor Kasich is backpedalling and looking to negotiate a more balanced deal. The Democrats and all the affected populations are saying NO!