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Bird Egg Part 2

Last Friday after school, Ava took the bird egg home.  I did not know that she brought it home.  The bird egg was placed on top of the toy kitchen.  Later in the evening, my younger daughter Anastasia and Ava were playing with the toy kitchen.  My wife and I had no idea that the […]

Florida part 3

I do not enjoy flying. I do not fit on the plane.  In addition, I get very bored when I can not go on my Blackberry Curve, or walk. All I want to do is stretch out my legs. Do you enjoy flying?  I found a book about airplanes, please read, Airplanes Inside and Out […]

Mayor wants to Tax Sugar Drinks

I was listening to KDKA News yesterday, and I heard the Mayor of Pittsburgh wants to tax sugar drinks, and energy drinks.  I can not believe he is doing this.  This will be another reason to leave Pittsburgh.  I think this will not help promote a healthy lifestyle, and it will not be a tax […]


How Many Days of School Will We Have To Make Up?

I want know when will school ever end this year? I teach at St. Agnes Oakland.  We have had to cancel school nine times this year.  I feel that we will have more snow days.  The Farmers Almanac is predicting 40 inches of snow in the first week of March.  That would mean, I would […]


A Trip To Pittsburgh

Last Sunday, I decided to go Oakland. The roads seemed drivable in the North, so I decided to go. I was shocked to see how most of the streets were not touched. The RD Fleming Bridge was dangerous. I saw so many cars sliding. Then, we turned left onto Butler St. The roads were awful. We […]


Part 2 of The Storm of 2010

After watching other people digging their cars out. I decided to go back and buy a shovel. I walked to Sears Hardware and bought a shovel. Once I got back, I started to dig my car out.  2 hours later, people were pitching in and shoveling each other out. They asked if I needed help […]


One of The Largest Snow Storms

On Friday I was tutoring a client and the storm began. I thought we would get 4 inches and everything would be alright. Boy was I wrong. My client let me leave early because the roads were horrible. Thus began the 2010 storm. The next morning, I woke up and walked outside and saw the […]