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less money=less education

The economy sucks!  People can’t find work!  Recently, for the first time in a number of years, the average wage in America is actually declining. People are suffering and our immediate outlook seems bleak.  However, if we are not careful, our extended outlook would be even more bleak.  Governments, both at the state and federal […]

Consulting Services

Total Tutor will provide a variety of consulting services. We will provide home school consulting, early intervention consulting, autism consulting, behavior consulting, and wrap around consulting. Please email me at or call 412-523-0289 for a free phone evaluation of your child.

SAT Prep Tutoring

We are currently booking appointments for one on one In-home SAT Prep classes. We have all certified teachers who instruct the students. Please call 412-523-0289 for a free phone evaluation of your child or email me at

Great Evolution Debate

Please tune in tonight at 10 PM Eastern to The Total Education Network. Rob Roselli an anti Evolution person will be debating Pro evolution expert. Who will win. Please go to at 10 PM tonight and listen.

Joe The Biker

Joe The Biker will be a guest on my program tonight at 10:30. Joe is an anti Bullying expert and will provide tips for parents for the upcoming school year. Please go to www.blogtalkradio/totaltutor at 10:30 PM Eastern tonight. I host education talk shows 7 days a week on 21 stations.

Total Education Hour TV Show

Here is the latest Total Education Hour TV Show:  Please visit my website at Total Education Hour

SB 5 is not alive!

SB 5 is going away this november