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Beach Lifestyle 09-4-12

The Total Tutor Neil Haley and GJ Reynolds will give business advice to Dr. Jennifer Little CEO of Parents Teach Kids. In addition, We will interview Olympian Hazel Clark Riley. Her father is Joel Clark from the movie Lean on

The Total Tutor Interviews Celebrities

On The Total Education Network. The Total Tutor interviews Celebrities. He has interviewed the likes of  Steven Jackson of The St.Louis Rams, Trent Tucker of the Bulls, Joanne Herring from Charlie Wilson’s War, Olympian Shevon Stoddart, and Kaya Jones. In the next couple of weeks, We will review all the celebrities that the Total Tutor […]

Autism Grant Please Vote!

Here is a terrific way to help children to read (including those with autistic). Simply click on the link below to support this amazing project. Professor Mark Haley, ( AKA the SKYDIVING PROFESSOR) is also president of Analytical Software Inc., a robotics company which was ranked 6th in the world in ground robots in […]

Sanctity of Life or Not Sanctity of Life

As a practicing Roman Catholic, I was at mass today. My priest decided to address the sanctity of life during his sermon, utilizing the only method that I have really ever heard as a congregant, abortion. This led me to think and recognize that my church leadership has dropped the ball while summoning us on […]


Total Education Network Programming

Monday- The Total Tutor and Jason Public will discuss the latest education news. Tuesday- The Total Tutor will interview Bill Corbett. Bill will discuss sibling rivalry. In addition, I will interview Trish Cooper. We will discuss her visit to an education trade show. Next, I will interview Beau James. Beau will discuss his book about […]

Total Education Minute

Here is the latest education minute on Autism:Total Education Minute Autism

not a business model

The current trend in education is to model a business and allowing us to reach the majority of our students.  Businesses are efficient, they have to meet the needs of their clientele or they ceases to exist, and they compete against other businesses to keep them innovative. The products they put out are to one extent […]

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