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Old Hickory

I just finished reading a book about Andrew Jackson. Our seventh U.S. President who stood up to a lot of challenges in the beginning of the 19th century. He was likely the only President who took part in a dual. He was also not recognized by those who elected him to the office of President […]

September 11

  Do you remember September 11, 2001? At 8:45 in the morning, terrorists attacked the Twin Towers. A plane crashed into the North Tower at 8:45 and 18 minutes later the second plane hit the South Tower. The Third plane crashed into the Pentagon at 9:40. At 9:58, the South Tower collapsed and at 10:28 […]

Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter should  be a familiar name. If you didn’t guess yet, she is known for her famousbook The Tale Of Peter Rabbit. Beatrix Potter was born in London 1866.  Her family was very wealthy. In 1883 she attended a art exhibition at the Royal Academy, which gave her a great impression on her. For […]


You Have a Dream…

What does it mean to dream?  How are our dreams related to our realities?  Why are our dreams different and how do they define us/how do we define them?  It is safe to say that we all dream.  We are all dreamers in some respect and our lives often reflect that internal dialogue which is […]


Pope Benedict on the temptations of Christ – Second Temptation

In the second temptation the Devil “takes” Jesus high up to the top of the Temple, and quotes the scriptures when he suggests the Lord jump off the Temple, because as the Psalm 91 states the angels of God will protect you.  The Tempter seems to imply that not jumping would be to show a lack of trust […]


Pope Benedict’s Jesus of Nazareth, part 4

While examining the Baptism of Jesus by John, since the Gospels describe the historical setting of Our Lord’s Baptism by noting the rulers at that precise historical time period, Pope Benedict writes about Jesus and “the [Roman] emperor” pointing to two different “orders of reality.” But since Jesus said “render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, […]

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Obedience versus conscience

In the book I had previously mentioned by Nicholas Tolstoy, The Secret Betrayal, an interesting issue crops up: should a solider disobey an immoral order? The issue comes up often, because the English & American soliders, whether officer or private, who had to do the actual work, that sometimes required the use of force, of returning the […]