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PCTV Channel 21 Pittsburgh

The Total Education Hour will soon be airing on PCTV, Channel 21 on Pittsburgh cable, starting in August. We are filming on Friday’s at the WRCT studio. I hope people from the city will watch the show and see the “behind the scene” action at the radio station. I found a book about cable access […]

2 Callers

I truly enjoy hosting a live radio talk show.  My panel of guests provide very useful information for my listeners.  Also, I enjoy researching my topics.  One of the most intriguing parts of the show is taking live callers.  I am pleased to announce that we have averaged two listener callers the last two weeks.  […]

Live Show

After 4 hours of planning, it is time to host a live broadcast of my show.  I arrive at the studio a half-hour before the show begins.   The show takes place at WRCT Studio in Pittsburgh.  CMU operates the radio station.  When I get to the studio, some of my guests are already there.  I […]

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Planning a Live Show

It is Thursday night, and I have finished all of my research for my live show. I have booked most of my guests by now and have read through more than 30 blogs.  Now it is time to write the script.  I prepare at least 13 topics for my educational talk show.  I make sure […]

My Move Is Finally Over

My eight month journey is finally over. I have moved all of my items from Guardian Storage to my new house.  I am so excited the move is over. The process began when I put my house up for sale.  Next,  I had to depersonalize my house.  I would not have been able to sell […]


The Global Effects of the Olympic Experience

The 2010 Winter Olympic Games have begun and will be completed next week in Vancouver, Canada.  I have always enjoyed the Olympics.  Athletes from many different countries and of varied ages, come together to compete in exciting events.  The Winter Games showcase not only the athletes, but also their particular sports.  Many of these sports like luge, […]

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Noises page

This book is really funny and I laugh at the jokes. If you are at home, try to do this. Try to make as many noises as you can without using your voice, like: snapping your finger, drumming them on on the table, tapping your toes, and popping your fingers. Are you driving people crazy […]