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Google Voice

I have been using text messaging for about a year, enabling me to accomplish many more tasks than before. Once I started to text, I saw how much time I spent talking on the phone and checking voice mail. Now, one of my friends has introduced me to Google Voice, Google’s own voice messaging services. […]

International Weekend Part 2

Yesterday, I wrote about my Skype experience.  My other international experience took place on the phone.  My brother called me from Japan. He asked me if I could do him a favor.  He wanted my daughter to be in an You Tube video.  He wanted me to record Ava pretending she was controlling a robot […]

International Weekend Part 1

I had a very intriguing weekend.  First, I talked to my first international student on Skype.  Second, my brother called me from Japan.  These two events do not seem unusual at first; but once I explain the details, you might be interested. This summer I will embarking on a new component of my business. I […]

Elimination of Toys

According to 104.7 FM,  a California County has passed a law that bans fast-food restaurants from giving out toys to children. The county believes giving out toys is promoting childhood obesity. What do you think? Do you think this law is ridiculous?  I found a book about Happy Meals Toys; you should read Tomart’s Price […]

Florida Part 2

One of the most difficult parts of going on a vacation is traveling from your home to your destination. I was dreading flying because of airport security. We now have to arrive at the airport two hours before departure. When I finally parked the car and checked my luggage, my family went through a series […]

My Trip To Florida

Boy,  do I need a break, I just moved into my new house and had many boxes to unpack.  One week later, my family and I packed up our stuff to go on vacation. One of the difficult parts of going on vacation is packing. Especially when all of your clothing is in boxes.  We […]


Airlines Charge for Bags That Get Checked

I can not believe airlines are charging to check bags.  It costs around one hundred and twenty dollars  round trip to check your bags.  I guess I should only pack a few items.  But what about when you travel with children? What do you think? Are airlines going to far by charging for bags? I […]