Little House Books and Present Life

The little house books were written in the early 1900s. The author portrays the diligent work ethic and life experiences of a country family over the period of about 15 years. How does that compare to our present life 140 years later? It shows, that we shouldn’t be so lazy and rely on watching tv, when we have nothing to do. If we try to work a little harder, we could achieve much more.

The Little house books are written by Laura Ingals Wilder.

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Mac or PC?

Which computer would you choose, Mac or PC? If I had to buy a new laptop, I would definitely choose a Mac. At school we have all PCs and at home I have a Mac. The difference is that Macs are just plain faster, more reliable, and they don’t quit working like PCs.  Macs are a little more expensive, but it is so worth it. If you’re planing on buying a new computer, get a Mac. They last longer, they are easier to use, and they are just plain faster. Please comment on your favorite computer.

I found a biography Steve Jobs, read Steve Jobs


Olivia Kidney

Olivia Kidney was an okay book. It wasn’t the best book in the entire universe, but it wasn’t the worst, either.

The book Olivia Kidney was about a little girl, Olivia, whose father is the owner of the hotel that the family lives in. Olivia has many strange encounters during an afternoon.  For example, when she is waiting for her father to arrive home to their hotel room from his work fixing the hotel. Of these encounters, she met a Baby Patric, a talking lizard, and many more interesting things.

Olivia Kidney is by Ellen Potter.

Number the Stars

Number the Stars was a great book because it taught me about Jewish life during World War II in 1943. The story was packed with excitement and was a heart pounding adventure.

The main characters, Annemarie and her friend Ellen, faced many challenging events, such as pretending to be sisters while the Nazis burst into their house. Annemarie is also asked to go on a mission to save Ellen’s life.

This is a really great book. Read “Number the Stars” by Lois Lowry!


Figure Skating vs. Hockey

Figure skating is definitely more challenging than hockey. Figure skating consists of intricate jumps and spins and edges while hockey does not. Hockey consists of quick skating and pushing a puck while figure skating does not. The three similarities of hockey and figure skating are:

Both sports use the ice.  Both reguire ice skates.  Both require practice.

The obvious difference is that hockey seems to be a rushed sport as figure skating is graceful and pretty.  What do you think, which sport is more difficult, hockey or figure skating?  Here is a book on figure skating read Figure Skating