Total Education Network Programming

Monday- The Total Tutor and Jason Public will discuss the latest education news.

Tuesday- The Total Tutor will interview Bill Corbett. Bill will discuss sibling rivalry. In addition, I will interview Trish Cooper. We will discuss her visit to an education trade show. Next, I will interview Beau James. Beau will discuss his book about Pro Wrestling. Last, I will interview Dave Rabb. The topic will be Physical Education.

Wednesday- The Total Tutor will interview Emily Starr. The topic will be everyday ways to practice math. Next, I will interview Hart Getzen. The topic will be his book Echo’s Revenge. Next, I will interview Yousef Admad. The topic will be his book The Imposter.. Last, I will interview Tamika. The topic will be expectations form a publicity firm.

Thursday- The Total Tutor will have round table discussion about how America Values Education. I will interview Dr. G, Pamela Owens, Jennifer Little, and Suzanne Kuntz,

Friday- The Total Tutor will interview William B. Davis iof the X files. The topic will be his book Where There’s Smoke. Next, I will interview Olympian Carol Rodriquez. The topic will be Childhood Obesity. Last, I will interview Andrew Jennings. The topic will be one of his questions from his book Magnificent Question