Adults not right wing ideology

Simply put, taxes are when the government takes a small slice of a purchase or income to fund the services that the government provides to its citizenry.  Our society has accepted this concept and it has worked for literally thousands of years.  Recently that concept has been challenged by the Republican Party’s almost religious obsession with the Americans for Tax Reform no tax pledge.  This pledge states that under no circumstances they would support raising taxes.   In a recent interview with Chris Matthews on Hardball, Mr. Norquist was asked if he

Grover Norquist’s organization has had 236 Representatives and 41 Senators in Washington DC have signed it along with 1263 State Representatives have signed it.  On its surface this pledge sounds reasonable and responsible.  After all why should government live outside its means when we cannot?

The problem with this pledge is that it completely ideological and irresponsible.  Under no circumstances should any taxes be raised?  How about if there is an unforeseen disaster?  Like, oh I don’t know, a tornado or a hurricane or an earthquake or a flood or a drought.  None of these things can be planned for and none of these things is cheap to deal with.  On the national level, besides natural disasters, how would we deal with war?

If the Republican Party insists on adhering to Mr. Norquist’s ideology, then people like Rep. Eric Cantor will continue to hijack the ability of responsible adults to make important decisions during important times in our countries history.  Mr. Cantor has twice walked out of meetings over the debt ceiling because he refused to even look at taxes, or, as the Democrats like to put it, revenue enhancers.  The water has been so poisoned that those who are attempting to broker a deal are being forced to look at a smaller less helpful stopgap solution so that the countries credit rating wont collapse.  To reinforce this idea the US right now pays 3% on all its sovereign debt, Greece is paying close to 30%.  The rate by which banks loan money is directly dependant upon the interest rate they pay the Fed’s overnight rate. If we default on our debt that rate will skyrocket, along with credit card rates, home loan rates, rates on lines of credit, etc, etc., etc.  Furthermore the New York Stock Exchange has also begun to react to this crisis in a negative way and investors are beginning to put their money into precious metals instead of IBM.

It is time to stop the demagogy, our country is at risk.  A risk that is as great as any war that we have ever been in.  A risk that can and will collapse our society, as we know it, if we the people don’t tell the ideology to get out and the adults to start to do the peoples work.  Call your representatives, email Grover Norquist tell them that they are dangerous and that you want compromise, not their narrow view on the world.



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