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Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are showing up everywhere. How can we get rid of these annoying bugs. What do you think? I found a book about bugs, read Stink Bugs by Colleen A. Sexton

Prentice Hall Dummies Down Curriculum

Why are the math curriculum’s getting easier?   Companies want to create new editions every couple of years. why do they make them easier? What do you think? I found a book about math, read Math the Easy Way, Anthony Prindle.


Companies like brainetics want to show math students an easier way to solve a math problem. The program teaches students how to solve math problems quickly. However, traditional methods are forgotten. I believe math students will not be able to solve multiply step problems because of this short cut method. What do you think? I […]

There are different teaching styles

There is no cookie cutter way to teach.  Some teachers like to use cooperative learning.  Others like to use direct instruction.  Some teachers change up their style based on the class they are teaching.  Do you think teachers should be forced to teach a certain style?  I want hear from you. I found a book […]

Total Education Hour is Now on Blogtalkradio

The Total Education Hour is now airing on Blogtalkradio.  I will be re airing shows that were recorded at WRCT Studio. Remember to listen to the Total Education Hour Friday’s at 4:30 on 88.3 FM. I found a book about the radio. Please read Radio by Brian Regal.

Should Teachers Grade Uniformly

Why do teachers grade differently, even in the same system, working with the same principal?. Probably, because they are all individuals, and they usually have the freedom to grade as they . see fit. Of course, the student may suffer from the inequalities in the evaluation process. I believe we should work toward more uniform […]