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Should Calculators Be Used in Elementary Schools?

Calculators are being over used in math classes.   Students are using calculators as early as the fourth and fifth grade.  I believe students should use calculators to check problems.  When students begin to take pre algebra, then they should use them occasionally.  I think students should not use them unless the concept can not be […]

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I have tutored students in math for over seven years. Fractions are so foreign to students. Most students do not struggle in math until they have been introduced to fractions. They do not know the “real world” connection to learning fractions, so they would much rather use whole numbers. The only problem is you continue […]

Another Option

Some educators suggest that a way to improve test scores on standardized tests is to actually make them count for the student. They feel students should have to achieve a minimum score on the test or not get promoted to the next grade level. I think this might provide an incentive for some students to […]

PCTV Channel 21 Pittsburgh

The Total Education Hour will soon be airing on PCTV, Channel 21 on Pittsburgh cable, starting in August. We are filming on Friday’s at the WRCT studio. I hope people from the city will watch the show and see the “behind the scene” action at the radio station. I found a book about cable access […]