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Google Voice

I have been using text messaging for about a year, enabling me to accomplish many more tasks than before. Once I started to text, I saw how much time I spent talking on the phone and checking voice mail. Now, one of my friends has introduced me to Google Voice, Google’s own voice messaging services. […]

Why Are High Schools Not Preparing Students for College?

Why are we not better preparing students for college?  I talk to many parents who echo this question.  Preparation for college is important to many students and their families.  I believe the process should begin in  middle school.  Study skills, note taking skills and improved writing skills should be taught in the middle grades.  Then, […]

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Why do teachers  give homework?  The debate continues about the benefits of take-home schoolwork. My belief is that if homework does not teach a skill, it has little value.  Homework needs to teach or hone a specific skill.  For instance, practicing two digit by one digit multiplication, or writing your spelling words 5 times each […]

Standardized Tests

During the last few weeks, I have been talking about standardized tests.  Should teachers be rewarded if their students score well on these tests?  I feel that is very difficult to measure teacher and student success. If students aren’t motivated to succeed, should incentives be offered to the students to do their best? Here are […]

Putting Down Roots

A couple of months back I read a book written by John Coverdale called Putting Down Roots. The book is about Father Joseph Muzquiz’ life and how he was able to bring Opus Dei to the United States, Canada, Switzerland, and Japan.  Amazingly, Father Joseph did not have any money and other resources were limited.  However, his faith […]

Spiritual Combat

Spiritual Combat by Lorenzo Scupoli provides guidelines for people to combat the devil.  The author describes how we have to continually battle for our soul.  The book really helps you examine your conscience to see what things are keeping you away from God. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their interior […]