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The Count Down Is On

Soon schools are going to take a 12 week break.  Teachers and students are counting down the days until summer break.  The buildings are warmer; especially in buildings where there is no air condition.  The school children are not getting as much sleep.  Teachers are wishing it was summer right now. I have a question […]


Live Show

After 4 hours of planning, it is time to host a live broadcast of my show.  I arrive at the studio a half-hour before the show begins.   The show takes place at WRCT Studio in Pittsburgh.  CMU operates the radio station.  When I get to the studio, some of my guests are already there.  I […]

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Planning a Live Show

It is Thursday night, and I have finished all of my research for my live show. I have booked most of my guests by now and have read through more than 30 blogs.  Now it is time to write the script.  I prepare at least 13 topics for my educational talk show.  I make sure […]

To Spank or not to Spank

As most of you know, last week, was my 15 episode of The Total Education Hour. I am not just the host of the show; I also write the show.  In the past 15 weeks, I have seen several articles on spanking. Most of them are against the idea of spanking children.  The researchers believe […]

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Math Books

I have been a math tutor for nine years.  I have tutored many students in math from Kindergarten to 11th grade.  I do not like the way math textbooks explain concepts.  Students and parents have difficulty understanding what the book is trying to explain. What do you think, do math textbooks do a decent job […]

We Must Pray The Rosary to Honor Mary

The Catholic Church has gone through some rough times in its history.  The current attacks directed at The Pope are not a surprise. That is why I am recommending everyone to pray The Rosary for three reasons: To honor Mary For The Holy Father’s intentions For Vocations During the month of May, The Catholic Church […]

Bird Egg Part 2

Last Friday after school, Ava took the bird egg home.  I did not know that she brought it home.  The bird egg was placed on top of the toy kitchen.  Later in the evening, my younger daughter Anastasia and Ava were playing with the toy kitchen.  My wife and I had no idea that the […]