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Hands-Free Driving

KDKA Radio reported that a German car company  is testing a car that you can drive without using your hands. The hands-free German automobile has a camera inside the vehicle.  The car  has a camera mounted inside the car. The driver of the car steers the car with his eyes. The hands-free car is a […]

My Move Is Finally Over

My eight month journey is finally over. I have moved all of my items from Guardian Storage to my new house.  I am so excited the move is over. The process began when I put my house up for sale.  Next,  I had to depersonalize my house.  I would not have been able to sell […]


Florida part 3

I do not enjoy flying. I do not fit on the plane.  In addition, I get very bored when I can not go on my Blackberry Curve, or walk. All I want to do is stretch out my legs. Do you enjoy flying?  I found a book about airplanes, please read, Airplanes Inside and Out […]

Education cuts

Last week, on NBC Nightly news, there was a report about education cut backs.  School districts are laying off teachers all over the United States. Many states are cutting around eighteen thousand teachers. That would mean the student to teacher ratio would be forty to one. What are we going to do about the education […]

The Total Education Hour

The Total Education Hour is an educational talk show on 88.3 FM. I am the writer of the show, and I host it.  The show airs on Friday’s at 4:30.   The show consists of a panel of guests who discuss education topics.  My panel represents different parts of the education community.  For  instance, some of […]

I Feel Teachers Need More Formal Observations

Teaching is a very challenging profession that takes years to develop. Teachers have to make many decisions during the school day. When a teacher gets observed by the principal he or she receives suggestions from the principal to improve.  The suggestions made by the principal are invaluable. Tenured Teachers are only formally observed  one time a […]


Florida Part 2

One of the most difficult parts of going on a vacation is traveling from your home to your destination. I was dreading flying because of airport security. We now have to arrive at the airport two hours before departure. When I finally parked the car and checked my luggage, my family went through a series […]