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Mike Tyson Has a New Show on Animal Planet

Mike Tyson will be having a new reality TV show according 93.7 the fan.  He will be racing pigeons on his show.  Mike Tyson owns around 1700 pigeons.  Yahoo Sports reported that pigeon racing is a sport. Many people bet on pigeon racing.  I hope Mike has not bitten off too much than he can […]


Mayor wants to Tax Sugar Drinks

I was listening to KDKA News yesterday, and I heard the Mayor of Pittsburgh wants to tax sugar drinks, and energy drinks.  I can not believe he is doing this.  This will be another reason to leave Pittsburgh.  I think this will not help promote a healthy lifestyle, and it will not be a tax […]


How To Measure Success in School

Whats more important grades or test scores on standardized tests?  This debate continues to be a hot topic.  I feel you have to look at the overall student, not just test scores.  What do you think? I found a book about education reform.  Please read, Listening to Urban Kids, by Bruce L. Wilson.


Local School District Lectures 4th Graders For The PSSA

According to unnamed source, a local school district lectured students for an hour and twenty minutes to help prepare for the PSSA’s.  The speaker gave suggestions to the students to help them answer open ended math questions.  She showed them ways to solve math word problems. I feel this entirely too long to talk to […]

Old Hickory

I just finished reading a book about Andrew Jackson. Our seventh U.S. President who stood up to a lot of challenges in the beginning of the 19th century. He was likely the only President who took part in a dual. He was also not recognized by those who elected him to the office of President […]

Play then Eat

What if students had recess first, then they ate lunch.  Some school districts are thinking of switching recess and lunch.  I discussed this topic last week on The Total Education Hour. The members of my panel agreed that the switching was a good idea. The panel thought this because students would eat their lunch so […]


March Madness

March is my favorite time of year.  The days get longer and temperature starts to get warmer. Also, I met my wife in March. The last thing I love about March, is the NCAA Tournament. I am ready to fill out my brackets and pick my Final Four.  Who do you think will win it […]