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Schenley Park Does Not Allow Sled Riding

I used to go to Schenley Park to Sled Ride.  The hills I rode down were very exciting. I thought it was the best place to sled ride in Pittsburgh.  I just heard Schenley Park is not allowing sled riding.  They believe it is too dangerous.  Why is it dangerous?  I never heard of people […]


People Are Staying Home

Due to the down economy, people are cutting back in many ways.  For instance, KDKA News reported that people are eating out at restaurants less often.  In addition, people are being more selective on what they are buying at the grocery store.    Business are limiting the number of selections per product.  People are cutting out […]


How Many Days of School Will We Have To Make Up?

I want know when will school ever end this year? I teach at St. Agnes Oakland.  We have had to cancel school nine times this year.  I feel that we will have more snow days.  The Farmers Almanac is predicting 40 inches of snow in the first week of March.  That would mean, I would […]


How to Drive in The Snow

After having the largest snow fall in February, I thought it was time to write a blog on how to drive in the snow.  I feel March could top February snow totals.  This would not good news for me or my students.  We have missed 9 days of school already.  Here are the suggestions to […]


What Game Is Better NBA Live10 Or Nba2K10

Tell me what game is better NBA Live 10 or NBA2K10?  I think that NBA2k10 is better because it is more realistic in season mode and it shows the up coming games. What do you think, what is a better game?  I found a book that all parents should read.  They should read The Effects […]


Its Not Over Until Its Over

Pitt was down five with a 1:30 to go. My friend and I gave up on Pitt and decided to leave the game and go home. During my drive home, I decided to turn on the radio. I was shocked when I heard that the game had gone to overtime. Pitt beat West Virgina in […]


A Trip To Pittsburgh

Last Sunday, I decided to go Oakland. The roads seemed drivable in the North, so I decided to go. I was shocked to see how most of the streets were not touched. The RD Fleming Bridge was dangerous. I saw so many cars sliding. Then, we turned left onto Butler St. The roads were awful. We […]