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Fourth Grade Math A Great predictor

How do you know when my child might struggle in math?  I have heard this question asked by many parents. I feel you will see the warning signs in the fourth grade. .At this point, you will see your child have difficulty with computation.  Not knowing your basic facts, makes it harder to learn new concepts.  For example, two digit […]


The Challenges of Two Childcare Providers

My daughter Anastasia and Ava are being watched by two different sets of grandparents. My in-laws are watching the girls Monday-Thursday and my mom on Friday’s. They do a tremendous job watching my girls. However, they have different behavior management styles. this usually happens in many homes with split child care. Grandparents are now becoming the […]


True Devotion to Mary

Many Catholics do not understand why The Catholic Church has a great devotion to Mary. They believe it takes away from our relationship to Jesus. Mother Teresa disagrees, she feels without Mary you will not be close to Jesus. True Devotion to Mary offers many suggestions to grow closer to Mary. The author points different […]


Have You Updated Your Resume Lately

When is the last time you updated your resume? With unemployment rates rising; more than ever you should update your resume.  I have not updated my resume in a long time.  Business’s write business plans every three years. I feel we should rewrite our resume every 3 years.  This will protect you if you lose […]

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Why Do We Need to Have a Landline

The phone rings but it is not my phone. I do not want to answer it. How many people still have landlines? What is the purpose.  I believe that everyone should have a cell phone.  This will lower the cost of having a cell phone. What do you think?  Do you need a landline?  Here […]


What a Great Year

2009 has come and gone. What a great year. I am very thankful for the tremendous blessings I received in 2009. My wife and I had our second child. Total Tutor filmed a commercial. Total Tutor recorded a pilot radio show on 88.3. We sold our house. Total Tutor expanded the business to SAT Prep […]


Total Book Blog’s First Anniversary

I can not believe my blog is a year old. I want thank all of the readers, commenter’s, and bloggers to Total Book Blog. Total Book Blog has had readers from Israel, China, Japan, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, and also all over the United States. We have over 200 readers a month. We have blogged […]