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Grace Wrap Up

I just finished reading The Glories of Divine Grace by Father Mathew J. Scheeben. I thought it was great book. The author showed how Grace is the greatest gift you can receive. He also showed how you can grow in Grace and how can we lose Grace? We can lose it by committing Mortal Sin. […]


Grammar Girl

I am a huge fan of Grammar Girl. Grammar Girl is a podacst on itunes. She gives tips to help people become better writers. I like this, because I want to become a better writer.  She also helps with basic grammar rules. Here is a book about Grammar Girl, read Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty […]


Time, We Need More of it

I wish I had more time? I just can not accomplish everything? I wish I had 3 more minutes or I need to sleep ten minutes. Time controls us and controls the decisions we make. I feel only way to accomplish everything is to write everything down. Do you have time management issues? You should […]


Which cellphone company has the best service

Who has the best cell phone service? Is it Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile, or Cricket? I think Verizon is the most reliable and best. What do you think? Please comment and register. I found a book about cellphones. You should read The Cell Phone.

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Arnie Duncan Wants to Improve Early Childhood Education

According to Education Weekly, Arnie Duncan feels preschools need to be revised.  He believes that preschools are not preparing children for school.  He wants 7 billion dollars to invest in early childhood education.  He thinks that standards need to be raised. What do you think, should the government spend 7 billion dollars for education? I […]


TV Commercial

My company filmed our first commercial. Thanks to Mikey or producer, we were able to do it and have it on YouTube. We filmed it at my house and had my entire family in the commercial. The commercial started out with me driving to the home of family. I knocked on the door and walked […]

Computation has Been Forgotten

What’s 7 x7? Many students in public schools, can not answer that question quickly. They either want a calculator or use their fingers. Why is computation not as important, especially multiplication tables? Curriculum’s are so large and teachers don’t have enough time to spend on that skill. Curriculum’s do not put stock into computation. They […]