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Kyle Orton really makes a difference

Denver Broncos are now 7-4. They defeated the New York Giants 26-6.  This snapped a 4 game losing streak.  I believe if Orton is in the line-up, the Broncos will go to the playoffs.  Kyle Orton does not make many mistakes and he allows the Broncos to play with anyone. What do you think?  Will […]

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Noises page

This book is really funny and I laugh at the jokes. If you are at home, try to do this. Try to make as many noises as you can without using your voice, like: snapping your finger, drumming them on on the table, tapping your toes, and popping your fingers. Are you driving people crazy […]


Mayor Bloomberg will Evaluate Teachers Based on Student Achievement Tests

According to The New York Times article, Mayor Bloomberg of New York City will start to look at students test scores to see if teachers will earn tenure.  The teachers unions are against this idea.  They feel that one test can not measure a teachers ability.  I believe the same thing.  You can not base […]


Giving Thanks to God

Thanksgiving Day has come and gone.  We have eaten generous helpings of Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, and Pumpkin Pie.  When pondering the word thanksgiving, I think about the wonderful gifts God has given us.  We should live Thanksgiving 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Evangelicals live this practice everyday. I have observed them […]


Will Pitt Beat WVU

Pitt’s Football Season has been great so far.  However, The Backyard Brawl is Friday.  Pitt ruined West Virgina chances to win The National Championship, a couple of years ago.  Can West Virgina ruin Pitt’s chances of going to a BCS bowl game. Pitt is on a roll, they have a great offense with a tough […]


Remember The Souls In Purgatory

During the month of November, The Catholic Church remembers those who have passed on.  Catholics believe in Purgatory, a place to wait until you are purified and go to heaven.  We should pray for the Souls in Purgatory.  They need our prayers and they will also pray for us.  During the day make a point […]

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Whats the Difference Between a Snickers and Milky Way

Halloween has come and gone.  You can find candy all over the place. While tutoring, two of my students asked me a strange question.  What is the Difference between a Snickers and Milky Way? I first thought peanuts.  Snickers has peanuts but Milky Way does not.  But what else is different?  One of my students […]