Students who are retained do much better than the students who are socially promoted

I was reading the New York Times Education section and I saw an interesting article.  The article talked about research done by Rand Corporation. It showed that students who were held back did better than students who were socially promoted. Students who that repeated a grade performed better on standardized than those who were not.  The students who moved on were provided interventions, however they did not improve as much.

What do you think, should students repeat grades?  Here is a book about early intervention, read Success in Early Intervention. This book will talk about how important it is to intervene early.



  1. Mr.haley where did you read this article.

  2. i think that the students who got held back can do much better than last time

  3. yeah people who had been held back to better because the things that they want to learn more to make it to the next level.