How to decrease your chances to get the flu

It is that time of year again, cold and flu season.  How can I decrease my chances of getting the flu.  Here are a few suggestions to stop it from occurring.

!. Wash your hands frequently

2. Do not touch your eyes or nose.

3. Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze.

4. Maintain a proper diet.

5. Get the allotted number of hours of sleep.

If you follow these suggestions, you should not contract the flu.  Here is a book on how to treat the flu, read Flu by Randall Neustaedter.



  1. I wish the swineflu didn’t exsist and the H1N1 vuirus the same i cant really say much about it.But on the news a teenage boy or girl died beacuse of the swine flu or the H1N1 vuirus.I can’t wait til flu season is over!!! then i would be able to help with lunch but let’s get back to the covo ok? Good that’s very good.i wish that people would wash their hands so they will not have the flu and that they would get thier shots i had the swine flu .That’s y i didn’t come to school thoses two days.I also had to get a check up and they made a misstek on my chickenpock shot and it turns out i had them all.But Jada start cying cuz she thought she had to get a shot but then she stoped and after that she almost fell asleep.Like i tred to do that to when i had to get my’m going to end this letter by saying peace out Mr.Haley

  2. My family is scared to get the swine flu and we all got our regular shots, but there isn’t enough supply to give around to everyone. Just to the people that need it,(sick, unhealthy, low-tolerance amune system, etc.)

    ~Kayla D.

  3. i have no problem because i do that everyday

  4. i had the flu and i don’t want it again so if you are at my school plese don’t come to school

  5. i agree wash yor hands and cough into your arm

  6. I agree with some of the facts that will keep you from geting the flu.But when it says to cover your mouth and noes when you sneeze i do not agree becaues I think that you should sneeze in your shirt of your arm and not your hand becues when you sneeze it haves the speed of a 100 miles.Also when you sneeze in into your shirt the gryms die becaues they have nothing to live on.

  7. swine flu is very harmful and dangerous.I which it never happend.

    ~NAOMI L.

  8. i wish the swine flu never existed

  9. i will alway follow these. and try not to get sick.


  11. i agree because the things that germs are atrackted to may have a possible reason it can be you that it wants.

  12. i agree because the things that germs are atrackted to may have a possible reason it can be you that it be careful this flu season.

  13. hi Mr.haly its jordan i agree with pilph becouse if u do sneeze n your hand it does spread millons of germs but if you sneeze in your shirt the germs will die cuz they do have nothing to live on. like if u touch a computer it has millons of germs on it so do doorknobs so you need to always wash your hands for at lest 20 sec. so you can get the germs off of your hands.

  14. you do not need to wash your hands every 20 seconds because you can get sick and then my nephew is a baby so i don’t have time to wash his hands and mine

  15. i agree with nabia germs are attractied to you somthing that they want so wash your hands please

  16. the flu and swine flu is both dangerous i had the flu and it don’t feel great so wash your hands and be safe

  17. people die and i don’t want to be one so wash your hands and i’m so glad that the flu season is over