Who needs Shady

When Shady decided to leave Pitt and enter the NFL draft, Pitt fans thought it would be a rebuilding year. Boy were people wrong. Pitt has a new and upcoming superstar, Dion Lewis. He has 10 touchdowns and it just October.  He has been able to carry load so far this year.

What do you think do we need Shady.  Here is a book on great Pitt player read, Dan Marino’s book.



  1. Pitt had Shady and didn’t content for a championship. Pitt had Bryant, Fitzgerald, Marino, Heyward, C. Martin….the list of “skill-position” players goes on and on. The Panthers need to recruit top linemen on both sides of the ball. Dominant teams win the battle of the line of scrimmage and Pitt doesn’t do that enough. We need to have the kind of O-Line that will enable an average division-1 RB to get decent yds/carry. Combine that with a D-Line that provides near constant pressure and we will have a competitve team. The Panthers need to stop getting these flashy RB’s and WR’s and start building around the bulk of the line.

  2. If we have a new player (Dion Lewis) that can throw 3 touchdowns and it is just October than who needs Shady? He’s acting that way.

    ~Kayla D.

  3. (I Meant 10 Touchdowns, ~Kayla D.)

  4. There better with out San Marino.