During the last two weeks, I have been listening to podcasts. I have written about the public speaker, Lisa B. Marshall. Now, I would like share another one of my favorites. The Saintcast is a very interesting Catholic Podcast. The show is devoted to the lives of the saints. Each week the host highlights a different Saint. I find this informative and can use this information to pass on to my children. Each week, I will pass on information about the one of the saints.

Here is a good book about the saints, read The Book of Saints.



  1. I think religion is all about your life and what you do.Religion is more about God then anythig in this world.

    ~Naomi L.*****

  2. Religion is all about mind heart spirit trust honesty .Follow the ten condmandments and you will do all that.

    ~NAOMI L.

  3. that’s a good way to spred the word about God some ppl dont even beleve in God it’s a sad thing though. i hope that some day ppl would love and believe God.

  4. why each week their is a new saint