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Students who are retained do much better than the students who are socially promoted

I was reading the New York Times Education section and I saw an interesting article.  The article talked about research done by Rand Corporation. It showed that students who were held back did better than students who were socially promoted. Students who that repeated a grade performed better on standardized than those who were not.  […]


The Stress Of Selling Your House

Another trip to storage, the stress of selling your house can make your life crazy. I need to pick this up or that up. I need eliminate my clutter. I have to decrease the toys and other items in corners of my house. Sometimes, I feel like I can’t live in my house because I […]


Social Networks Are a waste of time if abused

Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter, I think these sites are great places to meet friends, however they can become a waste of time. I have a few suggestions of ways to use your time wisely. 1. Limit your time to 15 minutes a day. 2. Try to connect with people were you can make friends with […]

How to decrease your chances to get the flu

It is that time of year again, cold and flu season.  How can I decrease my chances of getting the flu.  Here are a few suggestions to stop it from occurring. !. Wash your hands frequently 2. Do not touch your eyes or nose. 3. Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze. 4. Maintain […]


Pitt Is It

Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog complaining about Pitt. I now have more of an optimistic opinion of this years team. The offense is better and their defense is still strong. Stull who I was angry at last week, has improved and Lewis is an unbelievable running back. Could Pitt run the table and […]



During the last two weeks, I have been listening to podcasts. I have written about the public speaker, Lisa B. Marshall. Now, I would like share another one of my favorites. The Saintcast is a very interesting Catholic Podcast. The show is devoted to the lives of the saints. Each week the host highlights a […]


Who needs Shady

When Shady decided to leave Pitt and enter the NFL draft, Pitt fans thought it would be a rebuilding year. Boy were people wrong. Pitt has a new and upcoming superstar, Dion Lewis. He has 10 touchdowns and it just October.  He has been able to carry load so far this year. What do you […]