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Pitt disappoints again 2

Again Pitt disappoints, will I say this a thousand times? Last Saturday, Pitt looked like it was going to turn the corner and beat NC State. The offense looked unstoppable, then Pitt shut down. They squandered their huge lead and lost to North Carolina State. Why did Pitt lose. Here is a book I found […]


Obama Wants to Extend the School Year and the Number Hours in a School Day.

Some schools have a longer school day and a longer school year. A friend of mine teaches at The Academy in Woodland Hills. The school day is longer and the students attend school for a 220 days. President Obama wants to reform public schools. He is calling for a longer school day. Also, he wants […]


Father Corapi in Buffalo, Part Two

Another point that Father Corapi made, which really struck me, was that “no one” can take your faith away from you. I understood that to mean, for example, that you shouldn’t allow the actions or in actions of Catholics who don’t seem to live like they believed in either Jesus Christ, or the teachings of His church, weaken […]

A conference by Father John Corapi

In the mid-August, I went to a conference in Buffalo. The conference was by Father John Corapi, who gave a series of about talks – I can’t recall if it were five or six talks – on the Holy Spirit. Of the many important points he made I recall his stressing that pride leads to disobedience, and […]

A Sovereign state?

Recently, I read a newspaper editorial which contained this sentence: “Rhetoric that neglects ‘the common good of the national family’ in favor of that of ‘the universal human family’ ignores ‘the reality of a sovereign state.’ “  But, I thought to myself, couldn’t Adolf Hitler have made the same proclamation? After all, he never let the […]

Should Teachers Receive Raises Based on Seniority or Based Performance

How should administrators give pay raises, by seniority or performance. I am very confused by this question. Should teachers receive an automatic raise annually? The new train of thought in evaluating teachers is to reward them with merit pay, based on student performance on high stake tests.  President Obama wants to eliminate teacher raises based […]


My Experience at the Pitt Game

Last Sunday morning, I was woken up abruptly by my dad and it was abruptly because it caused me to completely forget about the dream I was having.  I was awaken to an eager father asking me, if I wanted to go and watch a football game. I would try and scramble around for ways to say no to […]