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Grace is more Important than miracles

In chapter 3 of The Glories of Divine Grace, the author talks about how important grace is than miracles by God, like making the blind see or raising people from the dead. Grace is supernatural, it has to do with your soul. Grace is more important than anything. This chapter should help more people realise […]


St. Peter The Apostle

I just finished reading a book on St. Peter. The author William Thomas Walsh writes about the life of this great Saint, from his childhood, all the way up to his death on an upside down cross. When reading this book, you feel like you are looking through the eyes of St. Peter. You learn […]

How Important is Defense in Fantasy Football

I have been very successful in fantasy football.  However, I really do not think the defensive position in fantasy football is important.  I try to pick a defense, whose offense scores many points.  Usually you should score between 5 and 7 points.  I would never waste an early pick on defense. What do you think, […]

I Acted Stupidly

In April, I decided to take the carpet off of my deck. It was getting old. I rolled up the carpet and put it next to the deck. Months had gone by and forgot to take the carpet to the garbage. Then one day, I decided to pick it up and I felt this sharp […]

Why Do We Have Too Much Stuff

We are starting to run out of room in our house. I thought we needed a place to store all of our items. We needed to depersonalize or house, so we can sell our home. The move to the storage took all day long.  We are using Guardian Storage Solutions and have a garage sized […]

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When it Rains it Pours

Why does it seem, when things are going wrong, they go wrong multiple times? I believe this happens, so we can deal with our difficulties more easily. I had a few minor problems occur to my house. First, the plumber came to fix the faucet in my garage. He did not know that the water […]


Will Pitt’s Football Team Continue Improve

With the loss of Shady, will Pitt continue to improve? Pitt’s quarterback is returning but that is not very good news, after how poorly he has been playing. Pitt still has many skilled receivers like Baldwin and the offensive line continues to develop. Will the defense be as dominant as last season? I think Pitt […]

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