You Have a Dream…

What does it mean to dream?  How are our dreams related to our realities?  Why are our dreams different and how do they define us/how do we define them?  It is safe to say that we all dream.  We are all dreamers in some respect and our lives often reflect that internal dialogue which is projected unto the worlds of others through our words and actions.  Just as we all dream, each of our dreams are unique to ourselves.  How have your dreams contributed to your becoming and experience of life?  If you are interested in reading a book about dreams, try Dream: A Tale of Wonder, Wisdom, and Wishes by Susan Bosak.



  1. What it means to dream is to relax and to clame down and all that stuff.

  2. What it means to dream is to relax let all the bad things that happend to you not get in your way.It is to suggests your self to a better moment and forget about memories that or bad rule yoor day.So
    forget about that stuff and finish your day.

    ~Naomi L.
    NICE BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. what it means to dream is to believe in your self. also, u can dream what u want to be when u grow. it means to let all those noises go past u and just relax. also, just focus.

  4. dreams r just dreams u can control it