What a Shock!

I am excited to be back writing. I have not published a blog in a while.  I have been busy tutoring many students this summer.  However, many new authors have been writing for me.  I want to thank all the new authors on TBB.  I decided to write this blog because of my visit to McDonald’s in Hampton Township.  My wife and I have had received poor service at the drive through at McDonald’s.  The first time this happened, the order taker seemed to not listen.  However, when we pulled up to the window, there was a different person at the window.  We felt, that the women who took our order, was on break. A week later, we returned and had the same experience.  We were so frustrated, we decided to complain to one of the employees.  We asked the employee at the second window,” what was the order takers name”.  She replied,” that she did not know who it was and that she was not here.”  We asked, ” Where is she”?, She replied, ” in South Carolina.”  She explained, that they outsource their drive through order takers.

When I heard this, I vowed never to go through the drive through in Hampton again.  What do you think?  Should McDonald’s have people in Hampton take the drive through orders?

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  1. McDonalds has a horrible service. When we entered the drive trough the women taking our order was in two conversations. She was taking our order and on the phone which is not professional at all. To top that we arrived at the second window we got the wrong order. We demanded to see the manager,but just our luck she was on break.

  2. Even though this is my favorite fast food restaurant, I agree with you and Deja. When I went to go to McDonalds with my family to McDonalds drive-thru and we asked for a certain thing and they didn’t give it to us. This happens not often, but sometimes with me at many fast-food restaurants. I do not think they should close the drive-thru (in hampton) but I think they should fire the people that seem like they’re not paying attention to the customers while we are paying them. You know, it’s kind of like school!

    ~Kayla D.