Caritas In Veritate

In regard to Pope Benedict’s new Encyclical – “Caritas In Veritate” –  some have claimed that the Pope is calling for a world government! Yet, in this Encyclical, Benedict reiterates the importance of subsidiarity, the precept that large scale social institutions – like national or international political authorities - should not usurp the proper functions of small scale social institutions like the family or local government. Before they criticize the Pope’s Encyclical, shouldn’t folks at least read it first?

Some claim that, with this new Encyclical, Benedict reveals himself as a socialist. This is nonsense! As if the Pope was no more than a spokesman for this, that, or the other ideology! Such critics seem to forget that Benedict is a Christian, indeed a Christian who has been called to succeed to the throne of Saint Peter. As such, the Pope is the human spokesman for Christ. And it is Christ who is “the way, the truth, and the life” not Adam Smith, and not Karl Marx! Capitalism and socialism focus on transitory material things, that have only a relative importance. But, as Benedict realizes, the salvation of our souls is of absolute importance. Everyday souls enter into eternity, one day it will be our turn. And even if someone enjoyed all the wealth, power and creature comforts that our modern economy has to offer, what use would all that be, if they ended up in hell forever?
Here is a one of the Popes Encyclical, read his encyclical on music by Pope Pius XII.