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Wiker on Rousseau (in “10 Books that Screwed up the World”)

In another chapter of his book, Wiker examines Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Discourse on the Origin and Foundations of Inequality among Men, i.e. one of the ten books that have screwed up our world. Essentially, as I understand it, Rousseau is – among other things – the intellectual “father” of the egotistical view of ”freedom” so prevalent in […]


Can you Rollerblade? I can but my brother cant. I like to play street hockey while rollerblading. We play all types of games on Rollerblades. We play games like The Prom and other horror games. Do you like to Rollerblade? Here is an interesting book on Rollerblading, read Extreme Sports.

You Have a Dream…

What does it mean to dream?  How are our dreams related to our realities?  Why are our dreams different and how do they define us/how do we define them?  It is safe to say that we all dream.  We are all dreamers in some respect and our lives often reflect that internal dialogue which is […]


What a Shock!

I am excited to be back writing. I have not published a blog in a while.  I have been busy tutoring many students this summer.  However, many new authors have been writing for me.  I want to thank all the new authors on TBB.  I decided to write this blog because of my visit to […]


Caritas In Veritate

In regard to Pope Benedict’s new Encyclical – “Caritas In Veritate” –  some have claimed that the Pope is calling for a world government! Yet, in this Encyclical, Benedict reiterates the importance of subsidiarity, the precept that large scale social institutions – like national or international political authorities - should not usurp the proper functions of small scale social institutions like the […]

Little House Books and Present Life

The little house books were written in the early 1900s. The author portrays the diligent work ethic and life experiences of a country family over the period of about 15 years. How does that compare to our present life 140 years later? It shows, that we shouldn’t be so lazy and rely on watching tv, […]

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Mac or PC?

Which computer would you choose, Mac or PC? If I had to buy a new laptop, I would definitely choose a Mac. At school we have all PCs and at home I have a Mac. The difference is that Macs are just plain faster, more reliable, and they don’t quit working like PCs.  Macs are a […]