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Grace Should Be Prized

The author points in Chapter 2 of The Glories of Divine Grace. Grace should be treasured, and that it is above all natural things. Father Scheeben said, ” that we are richer than all the kings of the earth if we possess the best that the great God can give us.”. We should thank him […]


John and Kate are getting a Divorce

I could not believe John and Kate are getting divorced. They announced this on TV. What could they be thinking. By doing this in a public forum, the children can view this episode and watch their parents relationship end, over and over again. I feel people should boycott this show from now on. The Gosselins […]


Figure Skating vs. Hockey

Figure skating is definitely more challenging than hockey. Figure skating consists of intricate jumps and spins and edges while hockey does not. Hockey consists of quick skating and pushing a puck while figure skating does not. The three similarities of hockey and figure skating are: Both sports use the ice.  Both reguire ice skates.  Both require […]


Machiavelli’s PR advice

Another interesting point that Wiker brings out, is that Machiavelli counseled the would-be Prince (i.e. ruler) to appear “religious.” Although his advice – e.g. do evil if it helps you maintain your power – makes no sense if there is a Heaven, a Hell, and a God to whom you will have to give an […]

Grace, Why All Men Need It

In chapter one of the book The Glories of Divine Grace, the author discuses why Grace is the greatest gift in your life. He also talks about the lack of Grace some men have. He describes having Grace being better than all the riches of the earth. Men choose pleasures of the earth rather than […]

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Why do people still have a land line?

Oh no, I have to leave another message.  Most of the time I call my clients land lines and I have to leave a message. Due to busy schedules and the convenience of the cell phone, I believe that land lines should be eliminated. People pay around sixty bucks a month. But they hardly use […]


Can The Penguins Win Game 7?

The Penguins have been able to stretch the series to a seventh and deciding game.  Last year, they lost at home in game six to lose the series.  I feel the Penguins do not have a chance to win in Detroit.  I feel Detroit will win the Stanley Cup.  I believe my prediction will come […]