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Should Michael Vick be reinstated?

I think Vick should be reinstated back into the NFL for the following reasons: 1. He gave up dog fighting 2. Vick was a great model for children before being indicted 3. Michael Vick has been reformed. 4. Vick is going to dominate when he gets back on the field. 5. Michel Vick is most […]


“Ten Books that Screwed up The World”: The Prince

Benjamin Wiker describes the intended audience for Machiavelli’s The Prince  : “…rulers who had shed all moral and religious scruples and were therefore daring enough to believe that evil – deep, dark, and almost unthinkable evil – is often more effective than good.” And, The Prince takes up that ”daring” notion and claims that it is correct. Thus […]

Will The Nuggets Beat The Lakers?

The Denver Nuggets are going to their first Western Conference title series since 1985. They made a block buster trade by acquiring Chauncey Billups. They traded a franchise player in Allen Iverson for Chancey. Nobody expected Denver to go far this year. I have been a Denver Nuggets fan since the ABA days. I hope Denver faces […]


Panera Changed Their Cups

I can not believe Panera Bread changed their coffee cups. The reason they changed them was because of the environment. They want to be more green. The only problem with this change, is that the cups are not insulated. When you pour your cup of coffee your hand gets slightly burned. Then you put the slip on insulator on the […]


Favorite TV Show

What is your favorite TV show? My favorite TV show is Heroes. I look forward to each episode to see what will happen next?  When it is your favorite TV show, this is the show cant miss.  While you watch this program, you want everyone in the room to be quiet. you want talk about this show with all of  your friends. What is your […]


Nancy Drew Case-5

Nancy and her friends go on a cruise to Ft. Lauderdale for a week. Her friend, Kim, got hit by a driver and it was not by accident. Nancy tries to find the driver. Her clue is the name Rosita. It was Kim’s last word before losing consciousness. The killer wants to strike again but […]


Are the 2009 Penguins better than 2008 team

The Penguins are in the Eastern Conference Finals for the second straight year. I feel the Penguins are better than last years team for the following reasons: 1. They have better offense 2. They have more experience than last years team 3. They have played better competition. 4. They are more resilient team. What do […]