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Why is Education not Valued in The United States

In most homes today, education seems to take a back seat to extra curricular activities. Also, society honors the sports star or movie star not the rocket scientist. Why is this the case in The United States but not in other countries? I think it is for the following reasons. One, famous people are always […]


Who will win.

The NFL Draft is over, now it is time for training camp. Can you make prediction. Who do you think will make it to the playoffs and win the Superbowl?  My top three choices are the Lions, Chargers and the Steelers to win it all.  What do you think, please comment and tell others about the blog? […]


Utopia – Saint Thomas More

Utopia, by Saint Thomas More (1478-1535; beatified by Pope Leo XII in 1886) is a presentation of an imaginary island on which an ideal political system and society is in place.  The ideals presented in this book and rooted in the Catholic Faith and humanistic tradition express the Love for one another and the recognition of Divinity within all.  Saint Thomas […]


Popular Music

I am fifth grader at a Pittsburgh Catholic School.  I enjoy listening to music but sometimes the music gets out of hand.  I have a few suggestions to monitor your child’s music. First,  Make sure your child is able to know what is at least going on in the song he or she is listening to, if […]


Pope Benedict on the temptations of Christ – Second Temptation

In the second temptation the Devil “takes” Jesus high up to the top of the Temple, and quotes the scriptures when he suggests the Lord jump off the Temple, because as the Psalm 91 states the angels of God will protect you.  The Tempter seems to imply that not jumping would be to show a lack of trust […]


Pope Benedict’s Jesus of Nazareth: the Temptations of Christ

The Bible tells us that Jesus went out into the desert and fasted for forty days, and then was tempted by the Devil. The first temptation, in the order Benedict deals with them, is the one in which the Tempter proposes that Jesus turn the stones of the desert into bread. But how does Benedict […]



The world we live in thinks humility is a sign of weakness, that you are meek or weak. Oh the contrary, humility is a great Christian virtue. Without it, you can not imitate our Lord. How can we become more humble? I ask myself that question each day.  How can I eliminate my pride, my selfishness, my impatience, and […]