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Human Virtues Part Two

Last week, I began discussing how to teach your children the human virtues. This week, I will continue talking about industriousness. Last week, I explained ways to model industriousness.  This strategy will help make your child feel like  it is fun to complete household chores. At around the age of eight, your child should be able to complete simple household chores. […]


Early Math Literacy Pre-K

Last week, I discussed Pre School math strategies.  This week I will talk you about Math readiness for kindergarten. Your child now can write his or her numbers and can add with their fingers up to ten.  Now your child is ready to count up to a hundred. You can practice in the car, at […]


Big East or Big Ten for Pitt?

There has been talk about the possibility of Pitt moving from the Big East to the Big Ten.  Pitt basketball fans are likely to shun the idea of abandoning a conference that has produced three of the four #1 seeds in the NCAA tourney.  Football fans, on the other hand, would be giddy at the prospect of playing Penn State […]


Can Pitt Get Past The Sweet Sixteen?

Pitt continues to advance to the Sweet Sixteen but this has been the end of the road in The NCAA Tournament for the last thirty years. Pitt has the chance to go the furthest in the tournament since 1974. Pitt lost to North Carolina State in the Elite Eight. If Pitt wants to advance, they […]

Pope Benedict’s Jesus of Nazareth, 2

In his book, Jesus of Nazareth, Pope Benedict makes many brilliant observations which shine an intellectual spot-light on important subjects. For instance, Benedict thinks the modern view of Jesus as either a failed revolutionary or a “meek moral teacher who approves of everything and unaccountably comes to grief” compleletly obscures the story of Jesus Christ, the God-man.  Benedict argues that we […]

Why is The Republican Party Being Called The Party that Says No

The Democratic Party is now attacking The Republican Party by saying, “They are the party that says no.” The Democrats are saying,” The Republicans are not willing vote for any of their programs.” The Republicans say, ” They are sticking to their Conservative Principles.” What do you think, is the Republican Party the party that […]


What a Great Time to Sacrifice

Lent is a time to sacrifice and do penance. How can we grow in our faith without sacrifice?  Jesus suffered and died on the cross, so why can’t we deal with a little discomfort?   As Christians, we can offer up those little sacrifices, so others can be helped through those sacrifices. Here is a list […]