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When Will We Ever Get Out of This Recession?

The current financial crisis, which has lead to the recession, has kept the market inconsistent. One day things look bright then three days later, the market is falling. The stimulus plan, the auto bailout, and Bush Bailout, were all going to help us get out of this mess but none of these measures have helped the […]


Will Pitt Finish Strong?

Under Dixon, Pitt has finished the regular season poorly the last few years. Why has this occurred?  Does Dixon over-practice his players?  Are they worn out by this time in the year?  Should Pitt not practice as hard?  Pitt fell to Providence on Tuesday, are we seeing the February trend?  Let me know and comment. […]


Obedience versus conscience

In the book I had previously mentioned by Nicholas Tolstoy, The Secret Betrayal, an interesting issue crops up: should a solider disobey an immoral order? The issue comes up often, because the English & American soliders, whether officer or private, who had to do the actual work, that sometimes required the use of force, of returning the […]


We Need to Tell Others About Our Faith

Some Christians think that is okay to keep their faith to themselves.  As long as they live a holy life, they will be saved.  Wrong,  Jesus told us” to go out and Baptize everyone in the name of the Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit.”  We need to tell others about Christ, why […]

Ed Rendell Proposal

Governor Ed Rendell has  an idea to help raise revenue for Pennsylvania, he wants to legalize video poker machines in bars and restaurants.  Do you feel this is a good thing to do.  I am not an advocate of gambling in Pennsylvania.  Casinos being built in PA, this something I do not agree with.  Research […]


How to Handle Your First born, When they are longer the Only

When your child is no longer the only one, he or she will have some adjustments to make.  For instance, my daughter will want to get attention by acting out.  Ava will run around the house and try to wake up Anastasia who is a new born.  She also will be non compliant,  Ava will […]


Early Literacy Four to Kindergarten

Last week I discussed early literacy from birth to three, today I wanted to talk you about early literacy four to kindergarten. If your child knows their sounds and letters, you are ready for your preschooler to start reading. First, you should work on sounding out three letter words. For instance, the ending sound at, […]

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