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Great Idea

I was watching television one day and saw an interesting commercial.  Jennifer and I always chuckle about the $19.95 ads on TV.  If you purchase this item, it will change your life.  I saw the ad for the snuggie, it is a fleece blanket that you can wear.  We were laughing hysterically, people were wearing […]


Super Bowl Commercials

Where will you be Sunday at 6:00, watching The Super Bowl? You say you do not like either team or you do not care for football. Well, do have the answer for you, watch The Super Bowl Commercials. Many people watch commercials more than the game. Sponsors bank on this by paying a mint just […]


Sand and Foam, Kahlil Gibran

Sand and Foam is a wonderful example of the simple poetic beauty from Kahlil Gibran.  His illustrations accompany his words in this introspective collection of spiritual aphorisms.  Sand and Foam is a collection of sayings, which makes it an easy and thought-provoking read.  Each saying in this book is a story or a reflection on existence.  Deeply human and spiritual, the […]

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Who Will Win The Super Bowl?

Who is going to win the Super Bowl, The Steelers or The Cardinals?  I Think the Steelers will win 38-34.  Kurt Warner will have a big game on Sunday throwing for 4 touchdowns, three to Larry Fitzgerald.  While, Big Ben will throw for three hundred yards and Willie Parker will rush for one hundred fifty […]


Kurt Warner’s Faith

Most Pittsburgh fans will be rooting against Kurt Warner on Sunday, however if you did not like either team, he would be someone to cheer for. Why should we hope he does well on Sunday?  Kurt Warner is a great role model.  He tries to do God’s will in anything he participates in.  After he […]


How Many Catches Will Larry Fitzgerald Have?

Larry Fitzgerald is one of the best Pitt Football Players ever. While playing at Pitt,  He had the most amazing catches.  Larry entered the NFL Draft after his sophomore season. Since he was drafted,  He has played on mediocre Cardinal Teams.  Now millions of fans will get to see him play on the national stage.  […]


When a Convert is Not a Convert!

In his book Salvation is From the Jews, Roy Schoeman – a Jew who entered the Catholic Church after he came to believe that Jesus Christ is God, indeed God incarnate as a Jew, and the Savior of the human race – writes about Jesus Christ, Judaism, and the Catholic Church. I am almost tempted […]