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Are you a yes man or woman?

Movies like Yes Man staring Jim Carrey or the old tv show Yes Dear, show why it is important to say “yes”. What do you think, please let me know? If you want to know more about being a “yes man”, read the book by Danny Wallace called Yes Man.

Global Warning, true or false

The overall question of global warming in the world today, leads many people to debate this question.  What do you think is their global warming or not?  If you think their is, read Global Warming by John Houghton, if not, read Meltdown by Patrick J. Michaels.


Baby Sign Language Basics by Monta Z. Briant

This book shows you ways to teach your baby Sign Language  The author illustrates a picture of the object and a picture of the person completing the sign.  It also gives instructions how to complete the sign. The book has over 60 signs that you can to teach your baby. Teaching your baby Sign language […]

Let The Buyer Beware

When trying to purchase anything, you need to try the following steps to make sure your purchase is a good buy.  First, research product your buying and all the places to buy it.  Second, be prepared, know how much you want to spend on that product and what you can afford.  Third, plan how long […]

How to buy a new car

Purchasing a car can be long drawn out process.  First, what kind of car company to purchase from, either Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, Hyundai, or General Motors?  How much money are you willing to spend and how much are you willing to pay a month?  What type car to purchase, do you want SUV, min van, […]

Why today gives us hope

Merry Christmas everyone, today our savior was born.  The historical significance of a little child being born in Bethlehem should give all of us great hope.  Even though we are in a recession and there is so much hate in the world, we reflect upon the birth of Jesus Christ.   Jesus sacrificed his life […]

Religious meaning of the Candy Cane

The shape and form of the Candy Cane has a religious meaning.  For instance, the shape of the cane looks like the shepherds crook or the letter “J” for Jesus.  Also, the candy is hard like the foundation of the Church.  The white symbolizes the purity of Jesus.  The bold red strip symbolizes God’s love.  […]