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The Total Tutor Neil Haley and GJ Reynolds will give business advice to Dr. Jennifer Little CEO of Parents Teach Kids. In addition, We will interview Olympian Hazel Clark Riley. Her father is Joel Clark from the movie Lean on

The Total Tutor Interviews Celebrities

On The Total Education Network. The Total Tutor interviews Celebrities. He has interviewed the likes of  Steven Jackson of The St.Louis Rams, Trent Tucker of the Bulls, Joanne Herring from Charlie Wilson’s War, Olympian Shevon Stoddart, and Kaya Jones. In the next couple of weeks, We will review all the celebrities that the Total Tutor has interviewed and Post pics and links.

Autism Grant Please Vote!

Here is a terrific way to help children to read (including those with autistic). Simply click on the link below to support this amazing project. Professor Mark Haley, ( AKA the SKYDIVING PROFESSOR)
is also president of Analytical Software Inc., a robotics company which was ranked 6th in the world in ground robots in 2010 and was awarded NSF funding to develop Fukushima-type rescue robots.  His company is using its expertise to enhance its software which helps children to read. Up to 20 computers and/or robots would be distributed to Pittsburgh PA and/or Texas schools for testing. The software helps you to read documents or web pages up to 10 times faster and it can be customized for autistic children to also permit them to read more rapidly.

Vote to support this spectacular research by just making 4 clicks:
2) Click Login & Support with Facebook
3) Type ANALYTICAL SOFTWARE (only not state and city) Click Search
4) Click SUPPORT

Just all that’s needed, , however if you need more info see their Facebook page:

Sanctity of Life or Not Sanctity of Life

As a practicing Roman Catholic, I was at mass today. My priest decided to address the sanctity of life during his sermon, utilizing the only method that I have really ever heard as a congregant, abortion. This led me to think and recognize that my church leadership has dropped the ball while summoning us on this topic.

The late Holy Father John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae (EV) talks about the sanctity of life emphasizing the need for all life to be protected from beginning to natural end. My confusion is simple, why will the Catholic church, and other Christian churches for that matter, preach about abortion but will not, with the same emphasis to their congregants, condemn the death penalty, taking care of the poor, unjust war, amongst other life issues.

Why are politicians during election cycles told not to participate in the body and blood of our lord savior over abortion, but if a governor kills someone on death row they are not met with the same fervor. As a veteran of the US military I do support its purpose and enjoy the benefits that they give us. However, the last I had checked, Iraq and Afghanistan did not meet the just war theory criteria. Where is the righteous indignation?

Why do the church leaders tell us to support politicians who continue to purposely hurt the poor through tax increases, cuts in social services, and reducing the level of education the common person can and does receive; through cutting education budgets to public education. While those same politicians advocate for corperate welfare, tax cuts for the top 10% of wealth holders, and the false argument of new school choice.

I long for the Catholic Church of the 1950’s and 1960’s, when the leadership and the local pastors would walk hand in hand with Civil Rights leaders and their followers. When a Catholic school education and Catholic education was still affordable to the poor and poor kids received a good Jesuit education.

My guess in all this is that the leadership needs to re-read Acts. It needs to get out of politics and get back into its congregants. They need to make hard stances that we may disagree with and lead from the front. Use the scripture to back their stances, not politics to enforce their dogmatic interpretations. Just a thought that came to me during mass today.


Total Education Network Programming

Monday- The Total Tutor and Jason Public will discuss the latest education news.

Tuesday- The Total Tutor will interview Bill Corbett. Bill will discuss sibling rivalry. In addition, I will interview Trish Cooper. We will discuss her visit to an education trade show. Next, I will interview Beau James. Beau will discuss his book about Pro Wrestling. Last, I will interview Dave Rabb. The topic will be Physical Education.

Wednesday- The Total Tutor will interview Emily Starr. The topic will be everyday ways to practice math. Next, I will interview Hart Getzen. The topic will be his book Echo’s Revenge. Next, I will interview Yousef Admad. The topic will be his book The Imposter.. Last, I will interview Tamika. The topic will be expectations form a publicity firm.

Thursday- The Total Tutor will have round table discussion about how America Values Education. I will interview Dr. G, Pamela Owens, Jennifer Little, and Suzanne Kuntz,

Friday- The Total Tutor will interview William B. Davis iof the X files. The topic will be his book Where There’s Smoke. Next, I will interview Olympian Carol Rodriquez. The topic will be Childhood Obesity. Last, I will interview Andrew Jennings. The topic will be one of his questions from his book Magnificent Question

Total Education Minute

Here is the latest education minute on Autism:Total Education Minute Autism

not a business model

The current trend in education is to model a business and allowing us to reach the majority of our students.  Businesses are efficient, they have to meet the needs of their clientele or they ceases to exist, and they compete against other businesses to keep them innovative. The products they put out are to one extent governed by the government (at all 3 levels) in quality and in honest product advertisement

Public schools also have used various models of educational structure to reach the needs of their students.  They have competition from private schools, and if they do not meet the needs of their clientele, students will be attending those private schools.  All 3 levels of government also govern public schools, and their product has an annual public disclosure demonstrating which schools are meeting their Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) on their states NCLB test.

That is where the metamorphosis of our nations public schools structure should end.  There are a few problems with fitting the square business model into the round public education hole.  First, and most important, a business can send back, throw out, or refuse to accept any product that does not meet their specific needs.  Public schools have to accept everyone, no matter their ability level, their behavior, or their disability.  This is a cost that business will not accept but public schools will.

Next, if a business goes out files for bankruptcy the only money that is affected is the cash of the investors.  It will not affect the entire community.  However, public schools use public money and because of the enormity of that fact should not radically change their structure unless there is statistical and factual backing for any such kind of move.

This is just the beginning of the argument on how to change schools.  We should be cautious on how public schools modify themselves.  Lets not allow right-wing politicians, who want to break the back of school unions for the benefit of private schools and education corporations, make the calls.

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